UK Tier1 Vs H1B

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The U.S. has something it calls the “H-1B” visa. This visa allows “skilled” workers from abroad to come and work for U.S. corporations. Every year, companies are allowed to begin filing for these visas (of which there are only 65,000 issued a year) on April 1st.

Once approved, the H-1B employee is not allowed to work in the United States until October of that same year. Once the allotment is used up (on a first come, first served basis), any employee who did not receive a visa may not work inside the United States until October of the following year!

The UK Tier1 visa has several advantages over H-1B. Firstly, you can apply anytime during the year.

Tier1 do not require a specific job offer in the United Kingdom.

The program does not require an employer to obtain a permit for work for the individual.

Tier1 visa applications are submitted by the individual and candidates are therefore not tied to a single employer.